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Who We Are?

HFS Pharmacy offers complete care for your family with a focus on health and wellness. We aim to leave you satisfied. Effectivity of our work depends on how attentive and responsible our staff members are. Our personal approach implies a deep dive into the healthcare issues of our customers. Our clients become one of the most effective tools for the development of our online pharmacy business because they share their positive experience on numerous customer review platforms and provide us with a better reputation in the market.

Seven Principles We Stick To:

  1. We are only interested in legal cooperation with the suppliers and drug manufacturers both inside the country and over-the-border;
  2. We promptly follow all rules and regulations concerning the storage and shipping of the medications;
  3. HFS offer a wide range of medicines for general healthcare issues, as well as for patients with chronic conditions;
  4. We never mean to harm our clients, and we always check whether the pills you’re willing to get go in line with your health indicators;
  5. We are in official contact with legal pharmaceutical organizations helping us provide our clients with low-cost and effective generic medications;
  6. We offer promotions and personal price reductions to our regular customers;
  7. We are proud of our prompt customer service available 24/7.

How We Realize Customer Privacy Rights

At HFS online store, we prioritize your privacy, collecting only the bare minimum of customer information. The personal details we gather – your name, delivery address, phone number, among others – are only used to identify you and ensure the prompt and accurate delivery of your order. We don’t process payment information; that task is handled exclusively by our payment processing partners.

When your order arrives, you’ll notice it’s in a plain, unmarked package. No information about your purchases will be visible on the outside of the box or envelope. Similarly, your billing information will not disclose any specifics about the items you ordered from us.

Rest assured, HFS won’t inundate you with unnecessary notifications. You’ll only receive communications directly related to your order. However, if you’re interested in staying updated about our latest sales and offers, you’re welcome to subscribe to our newsletters. Opting in will keep you informed about our exciting promotions and deals.

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Products listed above are only a part of our assortment. It’s always hard to make your first order from an online pharmacy: you have to find out the right dosage, consider the price, and understand whether the pills you need are safe for you. Use our contact information and receive our recommendations via the phone or email.

Why Our Prices Low?

Familymedks.com suppliers make meds basing on already existing recipes and chemical formulas. They don’t have to pay for advertising and don’t invest in the marketing process. Generics are cheap and don’t need any promotion because people regularly search for them on their own.

The internet is full of information about generics and their effectivity. The only thing our clients have to find out is the names of the meds because the manufacturers alter them to be in line with the laws about intellectual property.