After Hours Urgent Calls

If you experience a health problem after regular business hours, you can contact the provider on call for the practice by dialing direct into our office at 830-0100.  The message will promt you on the number to reach the physician on call for urgent health needs.

What is the role of the on-call provider?

FMA provides a physician who is “on-call” for medical situations that need to be addressed before the next business day.  This is not a service for a life-threatening emergency.  Those situations are best handled by calling 911.  The on-call physicain is available to help you manage your immediate health problems that are serious but are not life-threatening.  For example, if you are ill and trying to determine if you should go to the emergency room, the on-call provider can help you sort through what is happening and advise you on whether a trip to the ER is a good idea.  Or they can advise you on how to take care of yourself until you can be examined.  The on-call provider is not the right choice for routine care such as prescription refills of maintenance medications or to schedule an appointment.