Informed Consent for Controlled Medications

You have been prescribed a medication that is a controlled or scheduled medication according to the prescribing laws governed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of the United States Government.  Controlled medications can become highly addictive and/or cause adverse health conditions.  As a result, patients taking these medications must participate in regular health visits with their healthcare provider.  Please be advised, controlled medications will make a drug screen positive.  You should not drive a car or operate machinery while taking certain medications.  You should make sure your healthcare provider knows your health history, allergies to medicines, and all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking.
To receive these medications from a healthcare provider at Family Medicine Associates, please note the following criteria for the safest, most effective care.
  1. Prescription refills are managed only during office hours.  No after-hours, weekend, or holiday prescriptions will be written.
  2. Your physician will determine the amount of medication you require.  Your medication has been prescribed to last until your next scheduled refill.  If you believe you require more medication than the prescribed amount, you will need to schedule an appointment with your provider to discuss options available to you.
  3. You must schedule and appear at an Office Visit at regular intervals – generally every three (3) months, but possibly more often, to continue having these medications prescribed to you.   Regular Office Visits, including urinalysis or blood screens, are required so that your healthcare provider can evaluate your health condition and need to continue, taper off or discontinue these medications.  Failure to appear for these Office Visits will terminate our ability to continue to prescribe these medications.
  4. Family Medicine Associates would appreciate 48 hours notice to refill prescriptions.
  5. Lost or damaged prescriptions may not be re-issued. Lost, damaged or destroyed prescriptions or bottles of pills may not be replaced. Each situation will be individually evaluated. Your medication is a controlled substance.