Billing Information

If you have a question regarding your bill or a concern regarding potential office visit costs, please call our billing department by choosing option 5 on our phone menu.

Phone: 785-830-0100

Insurance & Billing Information

Family Medicine Associates contracts with a variety of Insurance companies.  If you have questions regarding your copay, deductible or coinsurance amounts, please contact your insurance company directly.  You may check with your insurance company to see if we are listed as a proferred provider.

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No Insurance?

If you are not utilizing insurance for your office visit, you will be expected to pay $100 at the time of service.  Please be advised that additional charges my apply after your physician has had an opportunity to examine the patient and determine the appropriate course of treatment.  Additional costs could include fees for treatments, tests, laboratory services, procedures and consultations.  The patient/guarantor is responsible for the remaining amount due.  Please ask your provider if you have questions about any treatments or procedures you may require.